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                Art is a universal language that unlocks the realm of our subjective being into conscious form.  Talent is a product of ambition and persistence.  I was not born with artistic talent but with the innate desire to create with my eyes and hands.  After years of cultivating my creative skills, I possess a means of self expression that reaches beyond verbal communication. 

                My artwork begins by assembling intricate still life scenes and sculpted objects from found and collected materials.  Treasures and trinkets serve as props and players for my still scenes.   After my three dimensional stage is modeled, I bring it to life on paper.

                  I create watercolor paintings using a realist style with traditional techniques.  Similar to an Italian Renaissance oil painter, building dark tones with many translucent layers, I achieve a level of richness in my work ordinarily unexplored in the watercolor medium.  My work presents a palette of dramatic mood and meticulous detail.  The work is carefully composed and painted to allure the viewer’s eyes and mind to interpret the displayed narrative. 

                  Emotions and memories collected and transformed in my subconscious mind have always provided me with inspiration.  My artwork is autobiographical, showing a glimpse into my imagination and cognitive paths of discovery.   Using symbolism, each painting narrates a theme based on these psychological perceptions and experiences.   Relatable thoughts such as fear, limitation and change are common threads woven into my work.  The paintings are metaphoric representations of me, cryptically conveyed to be open for theoretical analysis.  Most often the content exhibits a mysteriously dark nature, contrastingly illuminated by an optimistic light.

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